The window mover whose fee is pressing a key.

A screenshot of the WindowMan preference pane.

Download WindowMan 1.01, for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

WindowMan helps you arrange your windows on your displays. Pick a keyboard shortcut, assign it to an action, and your windows will fly around the screen.

There’s also a handy menu that sits in your menu bar. It’s a quick reference of the shortcuts you’ve set, and also lets you try out an action without first setting a hotkey, just to see what it does.

A screenshot of WindowMan's menu, accessible from the menu bar.

You can find the source on GitHub.


It’s just a preference pane.

  1. Open System Preferences (it’s in the Apple menu).
  2. Right-click WindowMan.
  3. Select “Remove”.

Why an installer?

I hate them too, but it’s the only solution I found to a major problem I had. If I offered WindowMan.prefpane for download on its own, the embedded helper applications (the menu bar app and the background daemon that actually performs the window actions) get quarantined. Usually that means you, the user, are presented with a “You downloaded this app, would you like to run it?” message, but when they’re in a prefpane that prompt doesn’t seem to appear. (Well, I got it to appear by switching back and forth among running applications and waiting a few minutes, but that’s an inferior user experience.)

If you know of a way to ditch the installer and get around this problem, drop me a line.


Shift It was the inspiration for WindowMan, because I wanted to customize the hotkeys. Growl suggested the design of the three components. Shortcut Recorder got me through some obstacles with key codes and modifier flags. Packages is fantastic for making Installer packages.